True or not? menstruating woman Do not drink cold water?

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During menstruation It is a period of vulnerability for women. And many women experience different symptoms. Some people have severe stomach pain. Some people have no pain at all, some people have acne and want to eat spicy food. Breasts get bigger or even more easily irritated than before

But as for the matter of ” cold water,” many people may have heard that during menstruation you should not drink cold water. What are the facts? Health has the answer for you.

Why do menstruating women To have various abnormal symptoms occur?

Because during women’s menstruation Hormones in the body will change. and not as balanced as normal The body will become slightly weak. Because the body loses a certain amount of fluid. Any woman whose health is not very good? You may easily get sick during this time.

Some people may just be uncomfortable. Some people experience fatigue, arm pain, leg pain, and body aches. Or some people may have severe abdominal pain. And these symptoms themselves have emotional consequences, such as being easily irritated, easily angry, or often losing your temper. And these emotions affect the amount of menstruation in each person as well.

True or not? menstruating woman Do not drink cold water?

Many medical journals state that A woman’s immunity to disease decreases during her menstrual cycle. Therefore, it is the source of the advice that menstruating woman Do not drink cold water. Don’t eat ice cream. or even prohibiting cold showers Because while our body is weak, suddenly we make our body temperature cooler than normal. When the germs are already in the body or from the surrounding environment Will take the opportunity now to harm your health. To the point of getting sick easily

However, that does not mean that drinking cold water It will cause abnormalities with menstruation, such as menstruation not coming out completely. Regular boils come out as blood clots. Menstrual cramps will be worse than before. Or menstruation will not come normally, etc. But the reason is that it is recommended not to drink cold water. Just to maintain a healthy body temperature during a time when there is a greater risk of illness.

How to take care of your health during menstruation

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Exercise as usual
  3. Eat nutritious food
  4. Drink warm water or room temperature water. To reduce rapid changes in body temperature
  5. Be especially careful about the cleanliness of your hidden areas. Because during menstruation The cervix will be more open than before. May easily cause infection.

The man next to the woman who is on her period. I help take care of you. And let’s understand each other a little bit, ladies.