Why is poker 5♠ 4♠ better than 9♠ 8♠?

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Ever Since The Introduction Of Preflop Solvers, Poker Players Have Discovered Some Interesting Preflop Strategies, One Of Which Is Suited Connectors.

Sometimes Lower Value Suited Connectors Such As 54s Are More Popular Than Higher Value Suited Connectors Such As 98s. Let’s Learn Why. And How Should You Adjust Your Strategy In This UFABET Game?

Why is 5♠ 4♠ better than 9♠ 8♠?

The Value Of Linked Suited Connectors Is Reduced Due To These Factors.

1. Implied Odds Refer To The Amount We Expect To Win (Or Lose) In The Next Street If Our Hand Hits. This Is An Important Concept In No-Limit Hold’em Games Because The Player Will Be Big Bet Or All-In Anytime

2.Domination Refers To A Situation Where 2 Or More Players Have The Same Range Of Cards, But One Of Them Has A Superior Kicker, E.G. You Have A-J And I Have A-9 Etc.

Let You Remember The Above Concept First. And Let’s See When The 54s Are Better Than The 98s.

In General, 54s Are The Better Hand To Play 3-Bet And Calling 3-Bet.

For Example, Let’s Look At The Cutoff And Button 3-Bet Range From Advanced Solver Ranges.

You Can See That 54s Are Always Good To Call Against 3-Bets, While 98s Should Be Half Call/Fold. This Is Due To The Two Reasons Mentioned Above, Implied Odds And Domination.

So Why Do 54s Have Better Implied Odds?

Let’s Say You’re In The Button Position And The Player From The Cutoff Raise Chooses To 3-Bet With 9♠ 8♠ And The Cutoff Call.

The Flop Opens To Q♠ J♣ 6♥ And Cutoff Checks.

You C-Bet Small (33% Pot) And Cutoff Call.

Turn Opens To 7, Giving You The Opportunity To Get Close To A Straight, Then Cutoff The Check And Call A Medium-Sized Bet (66% Pot).

The River Opens To A T. Perfect Your Straight, Then Cutoff The Check And You All-In And The Cutoff Fold.

There Are Factors That Make It Very Difficult To Get Paid With 98 In This Kind Of Situation. Let’s Try Again. On A Board That Is Q♠ J♣ 6♥ 7♦ T♦ And Think About Why Your Opponent Hesitated To Call.

On A Board With QJT, You May Have Other Hands Mixed With AK That Will Also Make It Straight, Which Will Greatly Reduce The Implied Odds Of 98s Because AK Was In The Range Where You 3-Bet And Your Opponent. You Know This So He Has To Play More Passively On This Board By Folding More With Marginal Hands, Making It Harder To Get Value Straight With 98s.

Let’s Compare It To Having 54s In The Same Situation As On The Board (Q♠ J♣ 6♥) 7♦. 

-Your Implied Odds Are Better When You Hit 3 Or 8 In River Street, Making It Easier For Your Straight To Lure Your Opponent. And He Will Be Willing To Pay More. Because I Thought You Might Have Missed The AK.

-You Will Be Able To Bluff More Effectively On River Street Because If The River Is A, K Or T, Your Opponent Will Be Afraid Of AK.

That’s About Implied Odds. Next, Let’s Look At Some Domination.

54s Are Less Likely To Be Dominated Than 98s.

When You 3-Bet And Your Opponent Calls, It Usually Means That Their Calling Range Has Suited 9x And 8x Hands (A9s-T9s, A8s-T8s). This Means That When You Have 98s, You Are Frequently And On Average Dominated. Will End Up Losing Big Pot

As Opposed To Having 54 Suited, You’ll Be Dominated By Fewer Hands Your Opponent Will Call (65s, A5s-A4s) And The Board Where You Will Have 54s Has Nothing To Do With The 3-Bet Calling Range Of Your Opponents. Cross

All In All, 98 Suited Is Still A Great Card. Because It’s Still A Very Strong Hand, You Can Still Play With It At 3-Bet, But It May Not Be As Cool As 54 Suited.