Playing Micro-Small-Mid Stakes Cash Game

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Although The Nature Of Playing Stakes At Different Levels Varies From Table To Table. But From My Experience Some Of The Basics Are Predictable At Each Stakes Level. Today I’m Going To Talk About Playing At The Micro, Small And Mid Stakes Levels.

Playing Micro-Small-Mid Stakes Cash Game

 1. Micro-Stakes Cash Game

Starting As Low As $0.01/$0.02 Up To $0.10/$.25, This Is A Game For Both Casual Players And Beginners Who Want To Get Ahead Quickly. Games Are Generally Loose In The Pre-Flop And Players Tend To Limp And Play Passively In The Post-Flop, So It’s Not Uncommon For Multiple Players To Remain In The UFABET Game When The River Rolls Around.

Tips For Playing Micro-Stacks Games

I Don’t Think It Takes A Lot Of Skill To Win A Micro-Stacks Game, Just Make As Few Mistakes As Possible To Win. And How To Play To Make Less Mistakes Than Others I Recommend This.

-Play More Often If You Are In Position And Less When Out Of Position.

– Stop Calling From Button, But Focus On Value-Betting And Bet-Folding On Medium-Hard Hands

-Small-Stakes Cash Game

  There Will Be Two Types, $0.25/$0.50 And $0.50/$1.00 And In This Level Game. You’ll Start To Meet More Full-Time And Part-Time Pro Players.

Tips For Playing In Small Stakes Games

If Playing In This Game You Need To Have More Basic Skills Than “Tight Is Right”. You Also Need To Have A Basic Understanding Of Some Of The More Advanced Skills, Including Equity, Game Selection, HUD (Opponent Analysis And Statistics Tools), Etc.

3. Mid-Stakes Cash Game

Refers To Games With $1/$2, $2/$4 And $3/$6 Blinds In Online Play.

A Level Where The Best Players Are Gathered. And Sometimes You See Good Players Playing Games Higher Than Mid-Stakes, It Could Be Because They Have Bad Players At The Table. The Standout Difference You Will See At This Level Is The Bet Size Of Each Player. Because They Are Aware And Careful In Playing. And Try To Optimize Bet Size For Each Situation. However, There Are Some Things That You Need To Master Before Trying To Win Games Of 200NL Or Higher.

-Level 3 Thinking (Think About What Cards Your Opponent Thinks You Have) Is The Minimum Level You Must Have While Playing At This Level.

-How To Create A Hand Range, You Have To Keep This In Mind As You Play And Develop It To Suit Changing Situations In The Game.

-Be Aware Of How Opponents May Use It To Adjust Your Game-Based Strategy.

Have A Moderate Understanding Of Balance And How To Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of By Competitors.