Netizens praise Son Heung-min and his attitude towards the Spurs mascot

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Fans online couldn’t help but admire Tottenham Hotspur’s South Korean striker Son Heung-min for his reaction to one of the team’s mascots ahead of the UFABET FA game. Cup last Saturday

     Although Son Heung Min, striker of Tottenham Hotspur and captain of the South Korean national team Will be a famous and well-known player already. But he has fans. More during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, where he led his national team to the World Cup round of 16 for the first time in 12 years, but unfortunately lost to Brazil. In this round

Netizens praise Son Heung-min and his attitude towards the Spurs mascot

         However , Son Heung Min showed why he was chosen as team captain when he gave a humble interview. Use this as an opportunity to be positive about your team’s performance instead of finding out why they lost the match. “I don’t want to blame any of my players. Because they gave everything. I’m very proud, very happy that the boys. Doing a great job for the national team. ” Upon returning to Korea with a warm welcome and a lot of media broadcasting their return home.

         And recently, Son Heung Min’s kindness has attracted attention again. And this time because How to take care of a child who walks with him onto the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium where Son Heung Min, or as the fans affectionately call him ‘Sonny’ , walks. down with mascots in the field The mascot experience is open to One Hotspur Junior members or season ticket holders under the age of 14.

A young woman who had experience as a mascot walked hand in hand with Son Heung Min before the start of the competition. As the two of them were about to walk across the field She seemed to be shivering from the cold January air, to which Son Heung Min reacted quickly. He moved his jacket before removing it to cover her shoulders. She then walked along the path of the field, gently wrapping her shoulders.

         This event made football fans, including general netizens, very impressed with his thoughtful actions. Opinions are like “I heard that Son Heungmin catches a cold easily kkkkkk he’s so cute”, “Can you stay with me forever… ?”, “My man… 😘”, “Cute..”, “He’s cute”, “Son is a man who cares ❤” , “He’s a very nice young man. It’s Korea’s pride and treasure!”, “Son Heung Min with a warm heart in the cold~~I automatically smiled while watching~~ Glad to see him taking care of the mascot fans. Until the end~~”, “Son is such a lovely person ❤️ and a great COYS player!”, “His parents raised him well”, “This is why we fans. Koreans are so proud of this naughty