Inyaki’ stopped playing in the bull league for the longest time in almost 7 years.

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Athletic Bilbao striker Inyaki Williams has ended his record for the longest consecutive appearances in the Spanish league. After suffering a fatal injury, he helped the team defeat Celta Vigo, resulting in 251 games in league history.

Athletic Bilbao striker Inaki Williams has ended his record of 251 consecutive games. After a leg injury Causing him to not be named on the field to help the team in the Spanish La Liga battle. Visiting Celta Vigo before the agency lost 0-1 on Sunday, January 29th.

Inyaki' stopped playing in the bull league for the longest time in almost 7 years.

The 28-year-old striker missed the league game. Having to go back to the UFABET game between Bilbao and Malaga on April 17, 2016. Almost seven years ago. In the most leagues with 203 matches, it’s not enough. Still maintaining good physical condition until arriving at the 251st match. Where the team opened the nest, losing 0-2 to Real Madrid on Sunday, January 22

However, referred to as an injury in the Copa del Rey game, the quarterfinals. The club won 3-1 against Valencia in the middle of last week. Causing to lose the right to play in a league game for the 252nd consecutive match unfortunately. It is not yet clear whether How long will he have to leave the stadium? But has received praise from football fans who can maintain their fitness for a long time

In the online world, the cheerleaders of the team Fans expressed their admiration for the striker has played internationally for both Spain and Ghana  , while one tweeted: His wages should go through the ceiling. After not missing the game for a long time while some people believe Success like this will never be seen in modern football again.

Competing in the Premier League The report states that The real record holder is Brad Friedel, who made 310 consecutive league appearances while playing for Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa and Tottenham Hots. Per , if only non-goalkeepers are counted, Wayne Bridge is the player who made 110 consecutive appearances during his playing career. Southampton