If you want to bluff more effectively, you need to “slow down” the bluff.

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Do You Want To Steal The Pot Without Letting Your Opponent Know? Today We Will Learn.

This Strategy Involves Going Back To Check Back On The Flop And Bet On The Turn, Or As I’m Trying To Say, Slow C-Bet To Bluff When You’re In Position.

If you want to bluff more effectively, you need to “slow down” the bluff.

Why Are We Not Recommending C-Bet In Flop Rounds?

It’s True That You Should C-Bet Often When You’re In Position In The Flop, But You Shouldn’t Use This Method. 100% Or Every Time Because It Lets Your Opponent Know You’re Going To Do This. Even With A Wide Range, You’re Vulnerable To Aggressive Check-Raising, And You’ll End Up Being Forced To Fold With Your Weak Hand.

Examples Of Hands That Are Too Weak To C-Bet: UFABET

A♥ 6♠ On The Board With J 8♣ 4♦

K♣ T♠ On A Board With Q♣ 7 5♥

Now Let’s Get Back To Our Point, 4 Must-Do Tricks To Slow Down C-Bet Bluffing.

After You Check On The Flop, What Will You Do If Your Opponent Checks Back On You? The Answer Is To Use A Balancing Strategy. The Following Tricks Can Help You.

Trick 1

Keep Your Bluff Range Narrow. That Is, Choose Sometimes, Not Always Bluff. As For How To Choose, See The Next Item.

Trick 2

Allows You To Bluff More Often With Drawing Hands.

When You’re Bluffing, You Have To Be Selective. Your Best Bet Is To Choose With Practical Equity Such As Gutshots, Open-Enders And Flush Draws. And Of Course, I Understand That You May Not Always Have Drawing Hands, In Which Case Let’s Look At Trick Number 3.

Trick 3

You Can Start Bluffing From The Lowest Hands In Your Range, Such As Jack-High And Below, Because These Hands Have No Showdown Value, And You Should Use These Bluffs In Combination With The Semi-Bluffs In #2. With No Semi-Bluff Hands, These Weak Hands Help Balance Your Bluffing Range.

Trick 4

Don’t Bluff With Hands With A Showdown Value.

Hands That Already Have A High Chance Of Winning It Shouldn’t Count Towards Your Bluffing Range, Even If It’s A Draw. For Example, An AT Might Count As A Gutshot On A Board With KQ23, But You’d Better Check Back.

In Short, Use The Bluff On The Hands I Introduced In Steps 2-3, And Try To Check On Hands Like A-High And K-High.