5 Tips for Playing Backdoor Flush & Straight Draws

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If You’re Someone Who Doesn’t Play Backdoor Draws Regularly, These Tricks Are Perfect For You. As You Read On, You’ll Find That The Backdoor Draw Is Not Only Fun To Play Because It Increases Your Equity, But Also Allows You To Reach The River More Often If You Wish.

5 Tips for Playing Backdoor Flush & Straight Draws

1. Make It More Likely To Bet When Your Normal Hand Has The Potential To Be A Backdoor Flush Draw.

If You Have A Backdoor Flush Draw Then You Should Try Betting More And If Your Position Has A Big Advantage Over Your Opponents. This Bet Will Help You Profit Because You Can Also Use This Method To Bluff In The Following Situations:

– When You Actually Land A Flush On The Turn. You Have More Equity And Can Continue To Act Aggressively, And Have A Chance To Win Another Flush On The River.

-When You Hit Your Draw Multiple Times Your Opponent Will Be Very Scared And Think Your Semi-Bluff Might Not Just Be A Bluff Anymore.

2.Playing Backdoor Flush Draws Can Change You From Fold To Call UFABET.

Let’s Say You Play From Button Position With 86 And Bet On A Board With T♠ 7♠ 3♦ And Are Now Heads Up With A Player From Big Blind Position That Check-Raises You.  

In This Situation If You Play With A Gutshot E.G. 8♥ 6♥ You May Fold, But If You Have A Backdoor Flush Draw, E.G. 8 6 , You Should Call. Since The Backdoor Flush Draw Increases Your Equity By About 4%.

3.Double Backdoor Draws (Straight And Flush) Function Like Check-Raise Bluffs.

Usually In Check-Raise Bluffs You Want To Draw Something Stronger. Such As Open-Enders, Flush Draws And Straight Draws. On Some Boards Waiting For Those Bluffing Ranges May Not Be Enough.

We Still Believe That Double Backdoor Hands Have Their Advantages On The Turn And Can Be Further Developed On The River. Plus You Won’t Lose Much Equity If You’re Forced To Fold With A 3-Bet.

For Example,
§ T♣ 8♣ On A Board With K♣ 6♠ 4♥
§ 6♥ 4♥ On A Board With J 8♣ 3♥
§ K♠ 5♠ On A Board With 9♠ 4 2♣

Depending On The Situation, These Hands Are Ideal For Check-Raise Bluffs. But Avoid Check-Raise On Boards That Can Harm You Like AKQ. 

 4. Playing Float In The Flop With Backdoor + Overcard Hands (Blind Versus Blind Battle)

To Heads-Up Between BB And SB You Need To Protect Your Range, Because If You Don’t, You’ll Lose Your Range. You Won’t Be Able To Defend Or Bluff Your Opponent As Often As You’d Like.

You Don’t Need To Hit Overcards Or Backdoors, You’ll See That You Can Often Steal The Pot On The Turn Or River, Or Even Win During The Showdown.

5. Don’t Be Too Much

Even Backdoor Draws Are Cool. But Don’t Play With It Too Much. All Of The Above Recommendations Don’t Mean You Can Call Or Raise Every Time You Have Them. Let’s Take A Look At An Example:

– If You Get A Very Weak Pair Of Cards It Does Not Allow You To Call Or Make Value Bets.

9-High That Doesn’t Know Which Direction To Draw Is Considered A Very Weak Range.

–  Your Pot Odds Don’t Look That Good. You May Call The Minimum Bet, But Be Careful Not To Call More Than It Should.

Conversely, If You Have Very Strong Double Backdoor Hands With Overcards Or Middle Pairs, Such As Q♣ 8♣, It Would Be Ideal To Call On A Board With K♦ T♣ 6♦.